Massage is like a movie, it really relaxes and is a total escape. Well, the difference is that you are the star. And you do not miss anything by falling asleep.
-Elizabeth Jane Howard

The hotel has a wellness zone, in which the client offers:

  • Massage pool with a waterfall around 36 ° (for about 14 people).
  • Jacuzzi with a temperature of 36 ° for 4 people.
  • A waterway that serves for lower limb massage.
  • Finnish sauna for body cleansing, body and soul relaxation.
  • Eucalyptus sauna
  • Salt sauna
  • Scotch spray
  • Tropical rain

Accommodated guests: Entries per package with additional entry fees
Non-hotel guests: 10€ Entrance/Adult, 5€ Entrance/Child

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