Laughter is the sport of the soul.
-František Xaver Šalda

Relaxation is also part of active relaxation. The sports hall, which is part of the hotel, allows even more challenging sportsmen to move in.

The hall has:

  • 2 squash courts
  • 2 bowling lanes
  • 2 billiards tables
  • table tennis.
  • table football
  • darts
  • bar

For accommodated guests the entrance fee is included in the package or 3€.

For uninhabited guests the entrance is:

squash / hour / court – 6€
bowling / hour / track – 10€
billiard / hour / table – 5€
table tennis / hour / table – 2€

The hotel also features outdoor playgrounds that guarantee sporting activities in a beautiful setting and fresh air of lowland nature.

  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball court

For guests staying at the playground is free of charge.
For non-hotel guests, there is an entrance fee of 6€ per hour.

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