Each of our Resident outdoor schools includes not just accommodation (breakfast, 2x box lunch, lunch, dinner), all-day drinking regime, recreational fee but also the option of 1 adult for 10 children for free and little attention for all involved children.
If you have a problem with the shuttle service for your buses, we will arrange it. We will also provide qualified medical officer, if it is necessary.


For every 10 pupils 1 free pedagogue, for pupils 1x free jacuzzi, free table tennis, billiards + another bonus when you buy the PREMIUM package.


PREMIUM package
Do you want your school to become more attractive? Take the opportunity to buy a PREMIUM package that includes individual bonuses for children and teachers. Premium package includes an interesting trip and a reward of 60 Euros (10 pupils / 1 participating teacher / 1 reward), including a new TABLET (minimum of 40 children) that will serve you throughout the school year. PREMIUM package price is 15 Euros per pupil.